Saturday, November 23, 2013

Kettlebell is going well

I've been back at doing more kettlebell workouts, as well as running.  The kettlebell has been going well.  The 2 workouts a week from Breaking Muscle are well planned.  I don't feel like they are overwhelming or push me too hard.  I feel like I get a solid workout, but don't come away empty.  Yesterday's workout included a ladder up to 5 of TGUs.  I was able to do 1-4 using the 26 lb bell, but when I got to the 5 each side I had to drop down to my 15 lb bell.  The workout also included sumo deadlifts, which I've never done before.  My legs have been sore from all of the squats plus running, so I kept the weight down to 50 lbs for the deadlifts.  This morning I had wanted to run, but my legs were so sore that I decided on yoga.  I did a nice side bending routine that was gentle and worked on opening my hips.  It felt great.  I may try and run a bit tomorrow, but the rest of the week is vacation and I don't know if I'll get any workouts done.  I may try doing some body weight exercises, plus some yoga, but otherwise it's vacation time!

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