Friday, November 21, 2014

Making a Goal

So last Saturday my workout called for Turkish Get-Up practice then a 22 minute cardio workout with the kettlebell.  I did 5 Get-ups per side, alternating.  I started out with my lightest bell, a 15#.  I then moved on to my 12kg (26#) bell.  I've had a goal of using my 16kg (35#) bell for my Get-up.  I've done half get-ups before with the 16kg, but I could never get past the seated part.  On Saturday I decided to go for it, and I did it. :)  I did the 16kg Get-up on my less strong side first, then my stronger side.  I did a total of 2 each side with the 16kg, then finished off with one more per side with the 12kg.

Since Saturday, I've been sick with some stomach thing.  I was able to workout with my kettlebells on Tuesday, but Monday and Wednesday were no good.  By Thursday I felt a little better and went to a yoga class.  I tried Brikam again, and I'm starting to like it.  I like all of the balance poses. I really need to work on those.

Today I did a kettlebell workout; it was a series of half TGUs, swings, then squats, push-ups, lunges, and cleans.  It felt good.  I pushed the weights and felt like I worked as hard as I could have by the time I was done.

I may do some yoga tonight.  I had planned on going, but a bad illness with one of my kids kept me home. If I still feel up to it, I will use to get in a practice tonight.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Being Sick

I had a nasty head cold last week.  It's still hanging on a bit, but not too bad.  It started last Tuesday, and on Wednesday I couldn't do much as far as working out.  I end up only missing one workout, but I could tell that even Friday's workout was not as strong as it could have been.

I tried Brikam yoga last week.  It was my first time.  I didn't mind the 105 degree room, and working through the postures was nice, but I missed having a flow.  I love vinyasa, so I don't think doing just those 25 postures each week would be my yoga class of choice.  It was very therapeutic, and I can see why people love it. I liked it, I just didn't love it.

My daughter and I were supposed to go to a vinyasa class on Friday night, but unfortunately we got stuck in horrible gridlock.  A trip that should have taken 40 minutes took over 80.  I had built in extra time (I thought there would be some traffic) but not that much time.  We were way too late to head to the class, so we headed to the mall for some shopping instead. :)  My daughter and I did have a good time.  She got some new sweaters for winter and I took her to Sephora to try out a new foundation.  (I had a 20% off coupon so it wasn't too bad.....)  We also picked up some Christmas gifts for teachers at Yankee Candle.

This week I using The Ultimate Sculpting and Conditioning for Kettlebells, Vol 1 +2. These are more cardio focused, with a higher volume of lifts so I'm using lighter weights and enjoying the sweat.

I'm also planning on trying a power yoga class on Thursday, as well as trying again for the vinyasa on Friday night.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Trying to Share the Love

My workouts went great last week. I had wanted to post results but didn't have time.  I did get all of my yoga in, which I wanted to make sure I did, and I had 3 days where I was able to take walks.

Last week I was able to convince my 16 year old to go to a yoga class with me. I've wanted her to try yoga for a couple of years, but she's been unable to find a love for it practicing home alone. So an opportunity came up for us to attend a class together,  and then she went again by herself tonight. I want to get her hooked on yoga. I would love if it became a passion of hers. So I intended to spend the next couple if months trying to work it into our schedules.

This week I have lots more kettlebell on the menu. This week I'm using Lauren Brook's Kettlebell Revelation DVD.

Monday - strength 1 +fat burning
Tuesday - strength 2+ abs of steel + restorative yoga
Wednesday - fat burning+ abs of steel+ 30 mins of yoga
Thursday- yoga +walk
Friday - strength 1+ plus 30 mins yoga
Saturday - strength 2 + yoga
Sunday - Yin yoga day

I hope to walk more often than one day, but it is planned for Thursday.

I did strength 1 today plus the fat burning (cardio work). It felt good. Today was lots of Get-ups, cleans, deadlifts, and presses. The cardio was swings, a variation of jump squats,  and snatches. 

I feel like I've been working hard, and while I do miss running, I'm content to have a new focus.