Monday, November 3, 2014

Trying to Share the Love

My workouts went great last week. I had wanted to post results but didn't have time.  I did get all of my yoga in, which I wanted to make sure I did, and I had 3 days where I was able to take walks.

Last week I was able to convince my 16 year old to go to a yoga class with me. I've wanted her to try yoga for a couple of years, but she's been unable to find a love for it practicing home alone. So an opportunity came up for us to attend a class together,  and then she went again by herself tonight. I want to get her hooked on yoga. I would love if it became a passion of hers. So I intended to spend the next couple if months trying to work it into our schedules.

This week I have lots more kettlebell on the menu. This week I'm using Lauren Brook's Kettlebell Revelation DVD.

Monday - strength 1 +fat burning
Tuesday - strength 2+ abs of steel + restorative yoga
Wednesday - fat burning+ abs of steel+ 30 mins of yoga
Thursday- yoga +walk
Friday - strength 1+ plus 30 mins yoga
Saturday - strength 2 + yoga
Sunday - Yin yoga day

I hope to walk more often than one day, but it is planned for Thursday.

I did strength 1 today plus the fat burning (cardio work). It felt good. Today was lots of Get-ups, cleans, deadlifts, and presses. The cardio was swings, a variation of jump squats,  and snatches. 

I feel like I've been working hard, and while I do miss running, I'm content to have a new focus.

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