Monday, November 10, 2014

Being Sick

I had a nasty head cold last week.  It's still hanging on a bit, but not too bad.  It started last Tuesday, and on Wednesday I couldn't do much as far as working out.  I end up only missing one workout, but I could tell that even Friday's workout was not as strong as it could have been.

I tried Brikam yoga last week.  It was my first time.  I didn't mind the 105 degree room, and working through the postures was nice, but I missed having a flow.  I love vinyasa, so I don't think doing just those 25 postures each week would be my yoga class of choice.  It was very therapeutic, and I can see why people love it. I liked it, I just didn't love it.

My daughter and I were supposed to go to a vinyasa class on Friday night, but unfortunately we got stuck in horrible gridlock.  A trip that should have taken 40 minutes took over 80.  I had built in extra time (I thought there would be some traffic) but not that much time.  We were way too late to head to the class, so we headed to the mall for some shopping instead. :)  My daughter and I did have a good time.  She got some new sweaters for winter and I took her to Sephora to try out a new foundation.  (I had a 20% off coupon so it wasn't too bad.....)  We also picked up some Christmas gifts for teachers at Yankee Candle.

This week I using The Ultimate Sculpting and Conditioning for Kettlebells, Vol 1 +2. These are more cardio focused, with a higher volume of lifts so I'm using lighter weights and enjoying the sweat.

I'm also planning on trying a power yoga class on Thursday, as well as trying again for the vinyasa on Friday night.

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