Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good Yoga Week

So I didn't touch my bells this week.  I do miss them, but I enjoyed the extra time spent practicing yoga.  Today was also the last day of the 40 days of practicing the same kriya.  It was a good experience.  I enjoyed the extra me time each afternoon, and the movement gave me extra energy for my day.  I don't know if it helped with my mental balance, but it was good.  What I learned was that I need some time for breath work and meditation each day, and a small amount of movement each afternoon would also be good.

I ordered a new bell last week.  When I first started kettlebell I just used a 15lb bell I got from Target.  When I knew I enjoyed kettlebell I invested in better bells. I own two 12 kg bells, a 16kg, and a 20kg.  The only issue is, that when I do a lot of presses, the 12 kg becomes too heavy, but the 15lb feels way too light.  So I ordered an inexpensive 20lb bell from Amazon.  It's a Cap bell, and they aren't bad.  I had ordered on for my daughter when she said she wanted to give kettlebell a try.  It will be a good bell to do higher reps of presses, as well as high reps of TGUs.  The bell should arrive tomorrow.

I decided I'm going to stick with Breaking Muscle's plan.  The 2x's a week is nice, plus I like some of the variety in the workouts.  Lauren Brooks plan is very good, but just a few exercises.  Right now I feel like I need to be doing a bit more.  But I may change my mind after I finish the 2nd cycle.

I also decided that I need to pay closer attention to my diet.  I've been eating too much junk and drinking way too much coffee.  I've been reading up on the ideas of Ayurveda, and I want to incorporate some of those ideas into my life.  Most are simple.  I probably won't give up coffee, but I am adding lemon to my water.  I plan on getting some fresh ginger to eat/drink before meals, and I am making a few other small changes.

I'm realizing that I need to be more mindful in everything I do, whether it's my eating or exercise.  I also need to practice being in the moment in everything.

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  1. Your exercise routines are awesome! Of course, the way you started this most recent post made me laugh - you really should touch your bells if you want to!