Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Summer Craziness has Begun

It's been a rough couple of weeks.  Two weeks ago my mom called to tell me my dad had been admitted into the hospital because his lungs were full of blood clots.  The next day I was making the 8 and a half hour trip up there to be with them.  I stayed 5 days.  When I got back I managed to have some sort of stomach bug.  At first my husband and I thought it was an ulcer or reflux from the stress, but seeing that a week later my daughter was throwing up, we now think it was a stomach virus.  The traveling and illness have made it difficult for me to keep up with my workout schedule.  I didn't take my kettlebells with me, so they were on hold for a week.  Yesterday was the first day my run felt good.  It was still difficult.  The workout was a 3x mile repeat with 400 recovery.  I walked the recovery.  I was able to make my times on the mile, but only because I walked during recovery.  Still it felt good.

Tomorrow is supposed to be my long run but I'm heading back on the road.  My daughter is going to Governor's School, and I have to take her.  Next week is kind of crazy too.

Right now, I'm glad that I don't have a race plan.  I've been following a plan for a 10k but there isn't a race, which is good, because I'm losing my desire to push extra hard.  I'm worn out.  I enjoy running, but right now anything extra is very hard.

The boys have started baseball and the swim season has started back up too.  This means lots of driving and time away from  home.  I can run while the kids swim (or I could swim if I wanted), but kettlebell is going to get more difficult. Most of my yoga in Yin right now.  I need calm and lots of long held poses focusing on the breath.

The week ahead is another one that kettlebell will take a back seat, running won't happen much either.  I'm going to just go with it and hope that the week after I can get back to my normal.

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