Thursday, May 1, 2014

Spring time is here

I've been enjoying the spring weather, at least enjoying it when it's not raining.  This week has been good so far, training wise.  Things have been crazy at home with school.  The 16 year old takes 2 classes at a college, and has finals coming up.  She's never done this, and she's been nervous and studing a lot.  We are also finishing up with piano and orchestra.  Next week is concerts and recitals.  I'm still doing well with my 10k "Own It" training plan.  This week was a bit easier, but it's still feeling good to hit my speeds during the workouts.

This week's plan:

Monday-rest day

Tuesday--30 minute run + kettlebell (did Kettlebutts which included single leg deadlifts, 1 arm swings, lunges and snatches)

Wednesday--4 mile run; 5x3 minutes is zone3 + core work on the balance ball

Thursday--2 mile run (in my minimalist shoes!) + kettlebell (did 5x5 deadlifts @79lb, double cleans using 2 26lb,  just 2 double push-presses, push-ups, pull-ups, and x10 heavy swings)

Friday--plan is for 4 mile run + kettlebell--Turkish get-ups, renegade rows and snatches

Saturday--yoga day

Sunday--6 mile run with last 10 minutes faster than race pace.

The weather looks nice this weekend, but my husband is working plus we have company so no hikes planned. Maybe the next weekend.

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