Thursday, September 18, 2014

Injury and Detox

So I've been neglecting this blog. I've been too busy to write. 5 weeks ago I decided I would start training for a fall half marathon. The date was the beginning of November.  My plan was from the book Train Like a Mother. I went for their Own It plan. During the 3rd week there were hill repeats. I felt tired that morning but decided to push it anyway.  There were 6 repeats, during the 5th one I felt my hamstring. It started to hurt. Then I did the 6th. Mistake. I had to run 1.5 miles back to the park. I was in pain the whole time. I rested the next day, but then ran my scheduled 12 mile run. I hurt, but thought I just needed ice, but after a rest day I went for a short 3 mile run. Pain, lots of pain.

So no running for the past 2 weeks, and I don't know how long. I moped for a few days but then decided to refocus. I did upper body and core work with both kettlebell and yoga, and it's been good, even though I miss running.

I also started attending a real yoga class. I've always just practiced on my own, but I'm really enjoying the class.

I've also on my last day of an Ayurvedic detox. For 7 days I've had oatmeal for breakfast,  and kitchari (curried rice and mung beans with veggies) for lunch and dinner. I also drank water with lemon and herbal tea. My mornings started with breathing exercises,  meditation,  and yoga. It's been an interesting experience.

My goal was to settle my gut. I'd been having such bad problems with everything I would eat.  I wanted to find new habits that would be helpful for my life.

I know I need to cut out dairy. I think I need to reduce foods like pasta, and fatty meats. I need more beans and need to be careful with fruit (seems fine if cooked, but not raw).

I also know I need to include more meditation in my life. I think I will try and continue to do the breath work and meditation in the morning.

Life has been crazy,  and I need to keep looking for ways to help manage.

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