Sunday, September 28, 2014


My husband and I spent the weekend hiking. On Saturday we took our two youngest kids on a 2.5 mile hike.  It was quite strenuous,  but the boys did great. At the end was a nice waterfall and they enjoyed climbing the rocks around it.

On Sunday my husband and I went hiking at the Smokey Mountains. We did an 11 mile hike up to Mt. Leconte.  It was very strenuous and we probably took on more than we should have. We had planned for a shorter hike, but after we got to our spot at Alum Cave, we decided to hike on. By the time we were done we were very tired.

We stopped at a Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, and it turned out exciting. While we were eating the kitchen caught fire. We were able to finish our meal, but didn't opt for dessert. :-)

The drive home was long and hard, and I know that I'll be sore in the morning.  I believe Monday morning will be a yoga day.

Beautiful views and my husband in front of the Lodge.

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