Thursday, May 2, 2013

Making Progress

My workouts have been going well.  I've been consistent and pushing myself just a little bit.  I backed up trying to do all of the push-ups and pull-ups, and I've been careful with my form for everything else.  The result is that my shoulder does not hurt any more and I've gotten stronger.  I can now press my 12kg bell.  I can clean a 16kg, deadlift with my 16kg+20kg (a total of 79 lbs), swing 24kg, and squat with the 16kg.

My arms are looking more toned, and even my mid-section is tightening up a bit.  My running, while much less in volume, is picking up in speed.

love kettlebells!
This morning's kettlebell strength workout was on the easier side.  It was deadlifts, push-ups, cleans, then swings.  I pushed with the weights, going as high as I could.  I definitely worked hard, but I still felt like I could do a lot at the end, so since it was a gorgeous spring morning, I went for a 3 mile run.  It felt great.  I ran at a comfortable pace, which was faster than my normal slow pace.  I could tell how much better my form was.  I was keeping my core solid and my glutes were doing the work.  I felt strong.  I love it.

I'm so happy with my progress.  There is one thing I need to decide if I want to push for.  I am not really trying to lose weight.  My weight for my height is good.  I need muscle.  But I do a some flab (I have had 5 children) and it would be great if I could get rid of that.  But the rub is that, while I eat fairly well, I still enjoy a little bread, wine with dinner, and even some sweets now and then.  The question becomes do I want to achieve a certain "look" or am I just going for strong and healthy.  Most days I'm happy with strong and healthy.  I'm glad I don't have a career that requires I not have an ounce of fat on me (I don't know how those women do it).  But there are days I would like to go for that "look".

Kettlebell  :D
I could never look like that.  I've never been blond, and I'm no where near 20!

Tomorrow is another strength workout.  This one will include squats, so a run would not be a good idea.  I may add an extra 100 swings to the end of the workout.

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