Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Yoga Days

I love running, and I am loving kettlebell, but I couldn't continue in either without my yoga practice.  In a perfect, didn't have any other life, schedule, I would practice yoga every morning and then either run or do kettlebell in the afternoon.  Running is great for the endorphins, a lifting heavy things gives you a different kind of rush, but there is a genuine calm that comes during your yoga practice.

In the past I've used videos as well as streamed classes from online.  My favorite DVD is Shiva Rea's Yoga Shaki

Shiva Rea: Yoga Shakti (2 Discs)

I also have a variety of other videos, but this one got the most use.  I also have used Yoga Today online . This is an excellent online yoga source.  Honestly, those women taught me yoga.  They are excellent teachers, giving perfect cues and speaking to you like they are in the room with you.

I also have a couple of yoga books. I have a book on the Primary series, by Beryl Birch; and I have another Power Yoga book, by Baptiste. I also have a helpful book and guide from Sage Rountree .  I have a real love for the Primary series, but mostly I combine what I have learned for my own home practice.


I start of with 3 to 5 Sun Salute A's, then 3 B's.  I then do the Primary Standing Series.  When I finish the standing series, I do the back bending series from Baptiste's book. After the back bending, I use Baptiste's hip opening series combined with some things from both Rountree's book and what I've learned on Yoga Today.  After the hip opening (and forward bends), I either go into the Primary Series Closing or do a series of spinal twists.

This routine is perfect for me.  It balances with the hard work I do running and lifting.  I stretch my back, hamstrings, and hips.  When I'm done I always spend time in Shavasana.

Yoga is very important to me.  Someday I would like to pursue it more fully, maybe doing a retreat.  But right now it's the Yin to my Yang of harder work.  (Love Yin Yoga too!)

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