Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Shoes!!

I always love getting a new pair of running shoes.  Even though I get the same brand and type every time, I get that kid on Christmas morning feeling when my shoes arrive through the mail (I live an hour from a running store.  I always order online).

I usually switch out my shoes at about 425 miles.  This way my old sneakers are still good for walking and everyday use.  My old running shoes had 400 miles on them, so I still plan on running in them a bit more.  But this morning, when I went for my run, I had to use my new shoes. :)

Purple and pink sneakers!  and a new pair of running socks.

I ordered them earlier than needed because Running Warehouse had a sale.  I always try to grab my shoes while they are on sale.  I never have trouble getting my size.  I usually always go for the blue pair, but this time the "blue" color sneaker was black and blue. Not what I would want.  Blue is my favorite color, but after that, it's purple.  So I was excited to go very different this time and get the colorful shoes.  I also ordered a new pair of running socks.  There are 2 kinds that I like, Smartwool and Belega.  For some reason I put a hole in the toes of my Smartwools faster, so Belega has been winning lately.  I've always pushed my toe up.  In fact, I put Duck tape inside the toe area of the sneakers to protect them.  I still need to do that.  This morning's short 4 mile run was not going to hurt them.  

Kettlebell has been going well.  I ordered another 12kg bell so that I would have 2 for renegade rows, jump squats, or anything else I may need or want to try with doubles.  I told myself I could get another 12kg when I could press my 12kg.  It was my little reward. :)  Tomorrow's workout calls for lots of Turkish Get up's.  I will have to start out with my 15 lb bell, but I should be able to do a few with the 26 lb bell.  Can't wait.

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