Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Running Shorts

I have been on the search for a decent running short for as long as I've been running (5 years).  I had a perfect, favorite pair.  They were by NB, but they were discontinued. :(  Now why NB would discontinue perfect shorts, I have no idea.  But I haven't been able to find anything like them.  I've tried a number of different shorts.  I do like Nike's Tempo, but they fit baggy on me.  They are comfortable and don't cause chafing (the most important issue).  I had a pair of K-Swiss that I liked, but they suddenly started causing chafing issues, so I went searching for a new pair of shorts.

I decided to give these shorts from Oiselle a try.

They are Oiselle's Long Roga shorts.  I bought them from RunningWarehouse

So far, I'm impressed.  They are comfortable, don't chafe, and they are not baggy on my legs.  I can use them for running or yoga, which is nice.  And they have pockets.  I love shorts with pockets.

I'll see how long they hold up without having any issues.  They will get plenty of use this winter.  Once the weather turns bad I tend to run on my treadmill.  If they are good all winter I'll buy another pair in the spring. They were quite pricey, but if they work well, they will be worth it.

So far my (workout) week is going well.  I ran this morning, followed by a 20 minute yoga routine for my core.  I did 90 minutes of yoga yesterday, and an hour of yoga on Monday.

My goals are more clearly coming into focus.  I want to increase my strength (which is why I had started kettlebell in the first place).  For now, to do that I'm going to focus on yoga, plus some old fashion push-ups, some chin-ups (I can only do negative chin-ups on my bar, but it's a start), and handstands.  I can only do handstands by climbing my feet up the wall, but it's a start.  I've also been doing short routine before my runs, which involves squats and lunges.  Right now, just doing those tires my back.  I'll keep it up, hoping to add weights back.

So for now, more yoga and more running.  I miss kettlebell, but they are there waiting for me when I feel a little stronger.  I'll probably start back by doing Turkish Get-ups before my runs.  That's my goal, which I'm hoping to hit in the next few weeks.  We'll see.

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