Friday, January 31, 2014

In the Swing of Things

Well, I'll start with this week's disappointment.  I couldn't do the 5 minute plank.  I could not get past 3 minutes.  Part of me is sad.  I worked hard at this.  But I did think, from the beginning, that the progress to the 5 minute plank was a little to fast for this over 40 mom of 5.  But I did make it to 3 minutes.  At the beginning of the month, 1 minute was a challenge, now I can do 3.  Progress is progress.

This month, Athleta is having a squat challenge.  I don't want to do that one.  I think I could make the goal of 250 body weight squats (that only go half way down), the issue is that the routine laid out does not work with my workout routine.  It would be too much.  Planks everyday were one thing, but the squats would interfere with my running and my weighted squats.  So I'm done with their challenges for now.

I am still doing the 40 day Kundalini kriya challenge, which is the same kriya for 40 days.  Right now I've finished 24 days, so over half way.  I can't say that I've felt like it's made a huge shift in my mental and emotional balance, but I'm hopeful that it's helping out.  I've enjoyed doing it, even if I am getting a bit bored of doing the same one everyday.  I do like my new 30 minutes for me in the afternoon (that's in addition to my regular hour workout time), so I will keep up something when this is done.

Next week I'll be on the final week of Breaking Muscle's Cycle 1 for kettlebell.  It's been good.  I am starting to wish that I owned a 20lb bell.  I have a 15lb and then a 26lb (as well as 35 and 44lb).  The 26lb bell is still rough for presses, but the 15 feels like air.  I need something in between.  Right now I just switch off for my presses, so when it says 5 per side, I do 1 on the right, then left, then go back for number 2 on the right and so on.  It works, and I can do all 5 each side with good form.  But sometimes I wonder if I would make better progress with a 20lb bell.  I hate to spend money on something lighter, but in another few weeks, if I still feel like I"m not making progress I may order a bell.  I am enjoying kettlebell a lot.  Only doing it 2x's a week and continuing to run is working for me. When I was doing the BeSlam program (which I loved), I had to really cut back on my running and in the end I was burning out with kettlebell.  I enjoy running too much to give it up.

Which brings me to my rant of the week.  Everywhere I look these days, whether it's FB, blogs or Twitter, I see people putting down cardio or endurance exercise.  If you don't like cardio, don't do it.  If you hate running, stop.  If all you enjoy is weights, then enjoy them, but you don't have to disparage running just because you don't like it or because you think you won't be able to make great strength gains if you run (maybe you won't).  But maybe, regular, over 40 moms, are not worried about huge strength gains.  Maybe I want to be in better shape, a little stronger, have a little more endurance, and have some time for me each day.

Yes, it would be nice to look like this, but I'm not that young any more. :)

I love to run.  I feel free and strong.  I love kettlebell.  Swinging and snatching that bell make me feel powerful.  It's ok that I like both.  I strength train 2x's a week, plus add push-ups and pull-ups after one of my runs.  I run 3x's a week.  I have one full day for yoga (plus I squeeze that in whenever I can.  Right now everyday).  Right now, I'm happy with my mix.  I may change it up one day, but for now I'm good. 

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