Friday, October 17, 2014

Change Can be OK

This week the yoga class I have been attending has changed format.  It's a new studio and I guess the instructor wants to try different things to see what pulls people in.  I loved doing yoga.  This new class is more of a fusion class. It's a sculpt and tone class, with some yoga.  But even though I was disappointed when she announced that the format was changing, I am trying to embrace it.  As we worked on different poses, breaking them down and trying to engage the core more, I realized that I need to correct some of my poses.  I was going down too far in Chataranga, and while in chair pose I haven't been "knitting my ribs together".  These subtle things make a big difference, and after just that intro class I can tell I need it.

For me, the last couple of months have been all about change.  My kids started attending a once a week co-op for school that has been a huge change for our little homeschool.  I had to stop running because of an injury.  I have to stop consuming any dairy, because it now makes me very ill even if I have just a bit. And we are also in the process of finding a new church home.  All that change can be disturbing.

I've tried adding good habits, like meditation and more scripture reading.  I'm also embracing the strength focus with gusto.  I can tell that my hamstring is getting better, but I think running is still a couple of weeks away.  And by the time I go to start it will be very cold and dark.  I may just run a mile a day (on the treadmill) and continue to focus on strength and yoga.

Change can be good and I'm working on embracing the now.

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