Friday, October 10, 2014

No More Running

I've had a hard time admitting to myself, but I'm done with running, for probably 3 or more months (it could be 6!).  My hamstring is not improving.  I do fine with kettlebell and yoga as long as I avoid deadlifts in kettlebell and don't try overstretching in yoga.  In a way, it's nice to just be doing the 2 things.  Trying to do it all was hard, and I didn't make much strength progress.  I was ok with that, but still, I didn't progress.  Now I can focus on these 2 things.  I want to continue working on my upper body strength, (which I did more of while running) but also lower body.  Time to increase the weight for my goblet squats and lunges.  Time to start working on single leg squats.  In yoga I want to work on inversions and improving my back bends.  I can do these without aggravating my hamstring.
I've ordered a new kettlebell DVD, Lauren Brooks Kettlebell Revelation

Kettlebell Revelation™ by Lauren Brooks

I have 3 DVDs by Lauren, as well as her book and BeSlam program.  I plan on rotating the DVDs, adding extra stuff when needed, such as some conditioning at the end of the strength workouts, and a strength warm-up before the conditioning workouts.

I may eventually try a series by Pat Flynn, of Chronicles of Strength.  He uses mostly double kettlebells, and I don't have 2 8kg bells, I don't even have 1.  I have a 15lb bell and a 20lb bell, then I have two 12kg bells.  I guess I could do his program with the 15# and 20#, alternating hands each set.  I could not do it with the 12kg.  I plan on 6 solid weeks of using the DVDs, then maybe I'll try his.

Yoga continues to be great.  I love the class I'm attending and I use almost everyday.

This week at yoga class I got to try a yoga toy.

Health Mark IVO18110 Yogacise 2-In-1 Yoga and Exercise Bench

This thing was amazing.  It was easy to get into headstand with it, and now I want one.  I could do much longer headstands, and it was easier to engage my core, and work on that instead of my head/neck or hands hurting.

So many new things I want.  If only I had unlimited funds for my hobbies. :)

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