Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Trying to Get Faster

So after reading Murakami's book, What I Talk about When I Talk About Running, I started thinking about running another race.  I'm looking at doing a Half in the fall, maybe Nashville, but I haven't decided.  But I want to run it faster.  One way to get faster is to focus on a shorter race.  I thought I would focus on a 10k.  I've never done one, and it seems like a good distance to work on leading up to a Half.  The only problem, is that I was unable to find a 10k that I could attend that worked with the dates I wanted.  So my plan? My own, private 10k.  Next week I'll start training for the 10k using the Train Like a Mother Own it plan.  My goal? To see if I can keep up with my kettlebell training and push hard with my running.  If it works out, then I will sign up for a Half in the fall.

I'm excited to start training.  I need some focus and a reason to push myself.  I'm hoping this will do it.

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