Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Feeling Strong, But Looking for Change.

My workouts have been going well.  Yesterday was my kettlebell day, so I started off with my 1 mile run then I did:

3x2 TGU
3x20 2H swing with 16kg

when I was done that grouping I added 40 more swings to bring it to 100

Set B:
4x5 Goblet squat --16kg
4x10 push-up (it called for 8, I did 10 using an incline)
4x10 pull-up (it called for Burpees, but I've been working on the pull-ups with a green band)
4x 20 swings  (this I added to the workout, in order to incorporate the 300 swings a day).

I finished up with 100 for swings for 300 total.

The workout went well.  I had no issues using the 16kg for all of the squats, but I am feeling it this morning.

These workouts, from Breaking Muscle, have been good, but I'm thinking of changing it up a bit.  As the weather warms I want to run more.  I also want to work towards being able to run a half marathon in the fall, so I need more running days, with strength mixed into it.

I've been reading everything I can on doing that. Mostly no one thinks should should do it.  But everyone is writing for either elites, or those who are pushing the boundaries in their sports.  So I never squat 120 lb?? Or press 44 lbs?? I'm ok with that.  And my running speed?? It will not get much faster.  I've 44, not 24.  I want to be able to keep going.  I want to reverse the muscle mass loss that comes with aging.  I want to keep running, even when I'm pushing 60 (or more!).  I want to be able to hike all day when I'm 65.  :)  Those are my goals.

I read a good article about cardio or strength first on Breaking Muscle. The article's conclusion was that it didn't much matter.  If you run first, you will have less muscle fiber to engage in your strength, but in the end you will still have used the same amount of muscle.  Same was true for the other way around.  At the end of the workout you will have used and worked the same amount.

The other thing I read was on Sparks People. It was a response from a trainer, Nicole Nichols, who said, yes, it would be better to separate the strength and cardio, but you do what you need to do (poor summary, you can read her response at the link. )

Both of these posts made me happy, because, yes, I just need to do what I need to do to get it all in. I should be working on strength, and I can keep running.

All of this brings me to the need to change things up just a bit.  I'm going to use the strength workouts from BeSlam 3x's a week and run on those days too.  I already run 1 mile before I do my kettlebell.  I think I will mix up running first and strength on Tuesday's and Wednesday.  I may not run at all, or keep it at a mile on Friday.  I also ordered Lauren Brooks' latest DVD, The Kettebell Body . That's for days I don't want to think, or want to make sure I keep the workout short. I tend to add on to everything I do.  The DVD will keep me honest. :)  I also love The Grind workout from her Volume 2 DVD.  It's perfect for after a run.

And I can't forget my yoga.  I love yoga.  Last night I did a wonderful  Yin routine from YogaGlo.  I need Yin at least twice a week, and then a Hatha or flow practice at least once a week.  I do some yoga stretches after every workout, but I need some more focused time.

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