Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cold Run!

I know that this is normal for spring; 50 degrees, sunny, with a cold wind. But that wind was so cold! I managed a 6 mile run in that wind. This morning,  when my alarm went off, it was raining,  so I slept in. :-) I decided I could run later, and I did. The wind was so cold that my pace got faster each mile. By the end I was at a 10:40 pace ( including walk break! ). My normal pace for my ling run is closer to 12:00, even 12:15.

I also got 300 swings done with my 16kg bell, as well as 30 assisted pull ups and 40 push ups on an incline. 

Now I'm soaking in a hot tub.:-) my calves are killing me from yesterday's hike. I need to roll them out and stretch. But after a wonderful dinner of pork loin, homemade bread, and a couple glasses of wine, I'm tired. Tomorrow is rest day. I may do some gentle yoga in the morning just to stretch out and center.  But I will enjoy my rest day.

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