Monday, March 25, 2013

Starting week 7

Today I started week 7 of Kettlebells for Women .   I didn't feel like it was the best start.  I'll back up a bit.  Saturday was the last workout for week 6, and it went very well.  When I finished I felt strong, and like I had worked hard.  Sunday was a rest day, which is what I did. :)

This morning's workout was not too hard, but my body didn't seem to show up for it.  I just couldn't get the hip snap as strong as I wanted or needed it to be.  It all felt weak and half hearted. The first half of the workout was windmills and single leg deadlifts, along with some swings.  I should have used the lighter bell for the deadlifts.  I did for the last set, and with that bell I could have good form.  The second half of the workout was for time, and I don't do well with those.  I seem to lose my form.  I need to not worry about racing the clock, and take my time doing each rep.  I had a really hard time with my high-pulls, and that would be because; a) I tried to use the 12 kg instead of the the 8, and b) my hip snap was awful.  I did not have the power I needed.  I also think part of the problem was lack of fuel.  I did eat a half a banana with some almond butter, but that was right before I started, and it didn't feel like enough.  I never have trouble running on "empty" but weights seem to require more.  I need to eat first, which is hard to do first thing in the morning.

The rest of my day is quite busy.  I homeschool my kids and today and tomorrow they have standardised testing, which is an hour from here.  I have to drive them down and back, as well as sit through the "teacher's" meeting that the school has.  We do testing every year.  It gives me good feedback on their education, but this getting up and getting them to real "school" is not fun. :)

Tomorrow morning I plan on running, as well as some kettlebell swings.

This week I also want to pay closer attention to my diet.  I don't need to lose weight, but I do have "flab" that I would like to see disappear.  I normally eat fairly well, but this week I plan on cutting back or cutting out bread (not all carbs, just the bread) and eating as much protein as I can.  I also want to keep the sugar low.  I don't eat a lot of junky snacks.  I will not give up my Ghirardelli dark chocolate.  I eat 1 square after dinner.  I also won't give up my wine.  I know it's a lot of calories, and sugar, but it has too many other benefits, plus I enjoy it. ;)  

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