Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yoga day

Today was yoga day.  To be honest, when I'm on that mat all I can think is why isn't everyday yoga day?  I love yoga.  I also love running and kettlebell.  I seem to be a bit ADD on my exercise love.  But I also don't consider yoga just exercise. The focus on the breath and gaze turn it into a meditation.  I try to do that while running, but it's not the same.  I own a few videos, and I have used Yoga Today , which I love, but I also just like to do my own thing on the mat.  I start with Sun Salutes A, then B, then go into the standing series from Primary.  I sometimes add a little, like more balance poses, and half-moon after triangle, but I like the standing series.  After that I like to use some of the routines from Baron Baptiste's book .  I like to work on opening my hips and hamstrings.  Today my shavasana was difficult. My son's (who is 11) orchestra teacher called to tell me he has not been behaving well during orchestra.  That made it hard to truly rest.  I put Tibetan bell music (thanks to Pandora), on my phone and tried to just rest.  I also spent 6 minutes in meditation.  I like to just focus on the breath, staying present in the moment.  It did feel good.  I then had a long talk with my son. :)

My shoulder (I believe it's the tendon) is still hurting.  I will probably use a lighter bell tomorrow.  I'm hoping using a lighter bell and laying off the chin-ups and extra push-ups let my shoulder heal.  I don't want to have to stop what I'm doing.  I don't know why I thought starting kettlebell would be different from running.  When I started running I had numerous injuries, thanks to being old and pushing myself.  I do wish I had gotten in better shape when I was younger.

I have yet to really hurt myself doing yoga......

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