Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3

Much better routine.  So this morning I warmed up for my run by doing 10x10 2 handed swings.  I ran 3 miles, then did 5x20 swings, doing 10 2 handed and 10 transfer.  This afternoon I did another 200 following the same pattern; 10x10, then 5x20.  I like doing the transfer swings; I can feel the work in my core.

My hamstrings are sore.  I spent a lot of extra time stretching this morning, and I plan on some yin yoga tonight, focusing on my hamstrings and back.  My goal in all of this is to strengthen my core so I can get back to my regular kettlebell routine.  Right now, even body weight squats cause my back to be sore.  My back was sore yesterday from all of the swings, but splitting it up seems to have helped.  I plan on lots of TLC for my back while doing this.  My runs will stay easy and my yoga will stick to gentle flows or yin style.

Count so far 3x400 = 1200 swings total.

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