Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting to the End!

8,000 swings.  I'll admit that I'm getting tired of it.  I want to do squats, presses, and snatches.  I love snatches.  I've been sticking to just the swings (well, I've also been doing some push-ups or negative chin-ups in-between sets).  The swing challenge was a way to get past my injury issue (which was my back).  I'm feeling good, but I'll be glad to be done the challenge.

I'm trying to do more and more single handed swings.  I could easily be using 16kg for the 2H swings, but 1H would be hard.  My grip is weak.  So to help out with that I've been doing more single handed swings.

I also have to start thinking about what I want to do when I'm done this.  I don't want to give up running, or my yoga day, but I want to add strength back.  I'm also thinking about getting a 20lb bell.  I hurt myself doing presses with my 12kg bell.  My next lightest is 15lb.  I don't have the 8kg (18 lb) bell.  The 15lb bell is way too easy for presses.  I tried out a 20lb bell at a store, and it still felt easy, but maybe I should try it.  I can do 3 presses with the 12 kg before I start to lose form.  Really, it's too heavy.

I'll be pondering that issue over the next 2 weeks.  I'll finish this up, then take a week off before starting back up with something else.

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